Areas and shades of Nikko Grey

Lavatory Records

In this current climate of over-saturation, rappers are a dime a dozen and a commonality. So, the question becomes, how does one rapper differentiate themselves from the next? One may look at subject matter, where for some it is about the ostentatious lifestyle and living it up as a dream; and while for others it may be about their current reality and delving deeper into that. There are a lot of facets one can look at, to find ways to either fit in or go against the grain.

For Nikko Grey, “towing the line” is something he embodies. This US rapper comes across as very light-hearted, yet also has medical science ambitions – which shows a seriousness to him. So, for Nikko, the “areas of Grey” could either be about finding a balance, or be willing to mix up different elements (which is something he may have to embrace during his career).

We quizzed Nikko about his coming to being, his ambitions and what he has in store for music lovers among other things.

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