Back To Love (It’s a Mendez Remix) featuring Ocean Deep by Nubia Soul

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On Saturday the 17 of October at midnight (Central African Time),Nubia Soul released the Back To Love remix, as remixed by Kribo’w Mendez! The original version of Back To Love was released on the 26 June 2015.

Nubia Soul was interviewed by Lavatory Records during month of August, 2015. She had this to say to us regarding the remix version of Back To Love :

“The sound is unorthodox in the deephouse scene, yet it shows african pride by breaking into all diverse sounds which are found within the continent itself.

Music is a universal language” – Nubia Soul

Make your sure you check out the remix of Back To Love via Soundcloud for streaming. 

You can also go to Audiomack for streaming and download.


Nubia Soul: The soulful child of the world

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Nubia Soul regards herself as a child of the world. Originally from the Western Cape, Nubia is very proud of her diverse roots, with some of those being traced all the way up in Egypt. Her strong sense of identity is something that resonates with her music and all her creative endeavours of expression.

The songstress’s style of music and sound is very much like her roots – rather uncategorised and inculcated from a number of origins. Together with her band, Polyrhythmix, they hope to take their sound to the rest of Africa and beyond.

Despite her rather low key and down to earth profile, she has been able to get herself on a number of high profile media platforms. Nubia Soul has been interviewed by CNN International and the SABC News Channel (on DSTV), both features available via her YouTube Channel.

She was happy to avail herself to have a chat with us at Lavatory Records. In this interview she details her experiences within the industry, the circumstances around her latest single Back To Love, upcoming initiatives and other things.

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Nubia Soul – Back To Love Giveaways

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Don’t forget to purchase Nubia Soul’s latest single entitled Back To Love featuring Ocean Deep. Also stand a chance to win prizes by entering these following challenges, held by Nubia Soul and House Of Nubia Soul.

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Once again don’t forget to purchase Back To Love, available on CD Baby and iTunes.

Back to Love by Nubia Soul

Lavatory Records

Download the new single by Nubia Soul called Back To Love featuring Ocean Deep via CD Baby , iTunes and Amazon (to be announced). You can also stream the song on SoundCloud and YouTube. The song was released on Friday the 26th of June 2015.

Elnathan Sidu is a singer, a poet and a songwriter who goes by the artist name of Nubia Soul. Due to Nubia Soul’s descendant background from Southern Africa tracing to the Northern parts of Africa, she has embraced her diversity as an African child. Nubia Soul has released her debut album in May of 2013 through her singing, spoken word of poetry and blogging about the continent’s pride, riches, wealth, moral values and culture (which of all have faded away throughout the course of history). She is sounding the call as Nubia Soul for all Africans to embrace and accept who and what they are in their land.

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