“This artist got 85 million views on his last video without a record deal” – Dr Boyce Watkins interviews Prince EA

Lavatory Records

In this segment from Dr Boyce Watkins Youtube Channel, he talks to an artist from St Louis Missouri who was able to get 85 million views on his latest video.

“In this discussion, I got a chance to sit with Prince EA, one of the hottest young artists in the world right now. Prince has carved his own niche by taking an approach to his business model and artistry that is different from nearly any other artist on earth. And it’s working out for him. Take a look. “

Dr Boyce Watkins who is a former university lecturer and finance academic, is a big fan of music. He is a person who also takes a big interest in the establishment of the new music economy, not just limited to sound financial management and growth within the black community. After leaving academia, he established the Your Black World network.