Being a music producer entails building your music economy

As often mentioned here on Lavatory Records, the music industry is in a state of a “breakdown” – in order to rebuild. We regularly get approached by young musicians who ask how they can build their careers and make a living from their passion. It is a rather difficult question as there’s no actual blue print laid out for everyone to follow

Being a musician or working within the performing arts is a profession that has its own sets of challenges. Compared to other ‘formal’ professions like being an accountant, music has no clearly defined path of advancement, where you would know for sure that in about 7 years you’d be worth and making a certain amount of income marking your set value. 

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Putting A Famous Artist On Your Song

Lavatory Records

This is why we always tell our up and coming artists, to not get lured into the trap of paying for a feature!

This is a must read for all the frustrated artists who are still finding their sound.

Wendy Day

By, Wendy Day

Imagine that you are an unknown struggling artist. Young Thug is in town performing and you have the ability to offer him a few thousand dollars to come by the studio and drop a quick 16 bars. Your cousin knows Akon and said for $80k he’ll sing the hook on your song, you just have to send him the money and the ProTools session. BG went to jail and his boy has some verses for sale to keep money flowing to him while he’s locked down. You’d like very much to have Young Thug, Akon, or BG on a song with you. But it’s not as simple as just having the money to pay for that feature…

Signed Artists Need Their Label’s Permission

Any artist who is signed to a record label is technically OWNED by that label. This means that even if a rapper is my…

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Lavatory Records: Identity is more than just a name

Lavatory Records

In recent times and since the inception of Lavatory Records, many have been particularly intrigued by the choice of name that is “Lavatory Records“. Self-admittedly, when choosing this name – I fully was aware of the “shock factor” it would induce upon people hearing or seeing it. One of the reasons I liked the name,  was the “in your face” factor it carried. The name was coined around 2005/ 2006, my understanding of branding at the time was that a good brand has the ability to stay in peoples’ minds. This was when I was just cutting my teeth as a rapper, and had hardly come up with an alias for myself. Now we are in 2015, the question is – why did I choose to KEEP the name Lavatory Records?

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“SALES, SALES ….SALES”! This was the common underlying theme of all business associated with the music recording industry. The measures of sales units to account for how many album units were sold. This gave a raise to the “1K” (1 000) model which was developed, then was used to determine how many thousands of albums or singles sold became certified as “gold”, “platinum”,”diamond”, all according to the interval levels of volumes sold of respective units.

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Marketing, Promotion and Management (M.P.M.) – Consulting Services


The challenge of the present day artist is to think from a commerce mind-set and thrive from entrepreneurialism. Lavatory Records recognises the struggle of artists being unsure of how to develop business acumen, thus the creation of services to help the artist along the journey with that. MPM services focuses on imparting knowledge through to the artist on a day to day scale, via constant and effective consultation.

Marketing and Management services focus onmarketing mix elements, which has five basic components: advertising, personal selling, public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion.

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