Presenting the proficient Promics!


Promics is a rapper and producer who hails from Zimbabwe. Despite his low-key status this rapper embraces being an emcee as a profession, thus donning the prefix “Pro” on his alias. For this rapper, it is music first – just like Canadian rapper/producer Classified says on his song No Mistakes – “I’m only here for rhymes, building beats, killing tracks and that’s that…”! Just like his Canadian counterpart, Promics came into the game with the same statement of intent. He has recently collaborated with fellow native reggae singer and label mate AMAZE on Ndokuda (with music video). He also released a solo single entitled Tatenda Taibuwhere both songs are available for free download.

We are happy to introduce you to the PROlific and PROmising PROspect: the one and only Promics!

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