Inferno of Revivolution releases “EastGod” after being nominated for an Inner-City Link Hustlers award.

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Inferno Williams  from the Revivolution clique has released his single called EastGod, which also comes with a music video. The track which was produced by Irrelevant Papi  has been nominated for an Inner-City Link Hustlers award.


The video follows Inferno and the Revivo/Grimetown family through his hometown(BezVally, Kensington, Troyeville, East City Johannesburg and Kool Out) as he describes hes journey and illustrates what it feels like to be “The EastGod”. The cinematography was done by Dunken Till and Mauro Crasso.





Eon and Inferno from Bounce Theory Entertainment are “On It”


Eon and Inferno Williams (a Revivolution affiliate)  from Bounce Theory Entertainment  have released their latest single called On It! The track is produced by A-Major and DJ SQL.

The song stands as the second single from the label following the first track called Sunday.

Available for free download and streaming.

An enlightened ImproPoe is now “better than he was” in 2018

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Who can forget rapper ImproPoe’s bold declaration on who the best emcee was? Of course, his answer was HIMSELF! He made this statement three years ago following the release of his mixtape Body of Proof,which ultimately earned him some rather impressive levels of acclaim. On this project, the rapper who is part of Revivolution had embarked on proving a point to announce his arrival.

Since then the man with more aliases than the entire Wu Tang Clan, ironically went off on a mystical journey to the Far East and landed up in China where he currently resides. By adopting the industriousness of his new host country, he then worked on another solo project which was released a few weeks ago titled Certain Dillusions. The curiosity will always come about when one impresses on debut, as questions arise like what can hip hop fans from him expect now? It can also be rather difficult to try and beat a previous body of work with minimal flaws.

We are excited that ImproPoe aka Shaun Collins aka The White Shadow aka James Caviar, has finally dropped his sophomore project and would not miss the opportunity to catch up with him.

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The “Certain Dillusions” album by ImproPoe from Revivo has officially been released on Friday the 13th

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ImproPoe (also known as James Caviar or the White Shadow) from the Revivo’ clique has released his second solo album called Certain Dillusions , on this Friday the 13th of April 2018!

The album is available for free download.

Despite being based out in China from where he released his latest project, we were able to get another interview out of ImproPoe which will be on the way soon! Be on the look out for that one.

ImproPoe pre-leases “Positively Nuisanced” and “Try Again” on the road to Certain Dillusions

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Our friend from the Revivolution Clique who is now based out in China in ImproPoe , is currently preparing the release of his second solo album entitled Certain Dillusions.

The rapper who released his debut solo album called Body of Proof, which has been considered an underground success has given us two teasers from his new release. The first one is called Positively Nuisanced and the other one is entitled Try Again,  both songs are available for free download.

Also we are excited to announce that ImproPoe has agreed to do another interview with us, so be on the look out for that.






Revivolution release their “Kotas N Caviar” mixtape!

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Slated for a release on Youth Day (June 16) out in South Africa, The Revivolution clique have released their much anticipated mixtape entitled Kotas N Caviar a little earlier than expected. 

Revivolution is no stranger here on the Lavatory Records platform as we have profiled members such as ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tommy Ills as the most recent feature.

Make sure you get that Kotas N Caviar album which is available for free download.



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Tony Dangler From Revivolution returns to bring you this laid back experimental music video for Rebates off the Tone Static Ep. The Video is a New Dodgy Dialect and Grime Town production and features some familiar faces from the city.

In case you missed it, check out the interview with Tony Dangler from March of this year. Also download or stream your free copy of The Tone static EP.