Revolution Validates Life (RVL) Blog

Lavatory Records

Make sure to follow and read on the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) blog. The blog was created by the soul songstress who had featured here on Lavatory Records,Ms Angela Nimah.

This blog showcases amazing people doing amazing things whose stories are not told, as well as well other creative and opinion pieces from Angela Nimah. Check out the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) site. 

“This is a blog dedicated to providing a platform to upcoming artists who represent the blog in an authentic way; revolutionary people who represent their life in art. It’s a space where I get to be conversational with them (the interview subjects), where I can share my thoughts about cultural and social events. A place where I can flex my writing and journalistic skills to inspire my viewers to read and share.” – Angela Nimah

Please also do remember to leave comments on the Revolution Validates Life(RVL) blog under the comment section. Also please feel free to share their articles if you happen to like what you read.