Sarah Hills is alive through the sounds and vision of music

Lavatory Records

Sarah Hills comes from a rather ubiquitous background in the artistic sense. As an acoustic/bass guitarist, singer and songwriter, she’s not only musically gifted but has also cultivated her craft in visual disciplines such as painting and fine arts.

Sarah Hills was born in England but has spent most of her life in South Africa, and is rather well-traveled. Her skill-set of talents saw her being part of a band called Sunways, which she toured the UK with. She then delved into the film industry and worked behind the scenes there. Now back in South Africa, since the dissolution of the band, she has since recorded a collaborative project titled Ambient Anarchy and a solo album titled Child Of Ancestors.

Lavatory Records had the pleasure of talking to amazing talent and touched on a variety of subjects, from her artistic beginnings, her experience with Sunways, the classification of her style of music, her film production experience and much more.

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