Zambian producer Spinzol spins all beats at the new look TnT Corporation

Lavatory Records

When TnT Productions decided to embark on converging a corporation strategy, it came with a full mantle of “takeover”! With the name now Tnt Corporation the focus is on an Africa growth strategy by maintaining what got them in this position in the first place – music production! As part of venturing into the continent, TnT Corporation has teamed up with up-and-comping Zambian producer Spinzo

The schoolboy discovered his penchant for music production quite early, by always persevering and looking to improve. Music after all involves lifelong learning and is always about monitoring one’s progress, to create art of the highest standard (or grade for that matter). We asked Spinzol about his musical come up, development of the Zambian music industry, his partnership with Tre and TnT Corporation among other things.

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