The Diminished “Live” on….

Lavatory Records

The live music experience is one that can be repeated, but never quite duplicated. The authenticity and uniqueness of a performance, is a once-off experience that simple says – “you have to be there”, in order to get it and feel it.

The argument that prevails in the modern paradigm is that most musicians will have to make their money on the road, in the form of concert tours and not album sales. Performing artists have to gauge the crowd and remain cognisant of the importance of sets going to plan, as it’s down to one chance with no extra takes.  For bands such as The Diminished, rehearsals are absolutely vital in order to get the sequences just right. This monetisation model might not turn out to being such a bad thing for the Tembisa-based act, despite not having had the opportunity of recording a studio album as yet.

We were able to catch up with the busy band for a discussion. Among other things the group broke down the tag of being an “exclusively live band” and the challenges they face.

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