A Moment To Remember In THE MAJOR!

Lavatory Records

As the saying goes: cometh the man, cometh the moment! A new artist we have come to know ‘The Major’ like all seasoned musicians has created a moment for music lovers to savour, he backs the new single with a massive campaign to inspire people to value themselves and challenge problems that affect the world.

Music always reminds us of certain moments we attach to particular songs – best encapsulating the emotions surrounding the experience. Simply put, we do not just play back music, we play back memories as to derive pleasure from it…

The Major, whose birth name is Peter Khanda is no stranger to the music business, he is a well-established sound engineer. Going from behind the scenes to the front of the stage is a major step (pun intended lol) as it requires a bold personality and tenacious ambition!

We caught up with The Major and chopped it up about his new artistic ambitions, the meaning behind the new name and, of course, his latest  hot single Moment To Remember!

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“Moment To Remember” single by The Major

Lavatory Records

Audio engineer Peter Khanda has a new artist alias when he is not setting up the mic before a recording session. He is now known as The Major when he steps up to the mic himself and expresses himself vocally. The moment has come for him, on his latest single featuring kwaito singer Star Borne Kwaito on his single entitled Momemt To Remember 

“Every moment is a moment to remember” so lets share it together and make it count: post your moments with family and friends and tag us:#MomentToRememberSa

– The Major

While you enjoying his new summer jam we have been at work on getting an exclusive interview with The Major, mainly  regarding his new direction as musical profession. Be on the lookout for that follow up the interview with The Major, which is definitely a”Moment To Remember”.