Don’t Tell Me Whattado (DTMTWTD) by Revivo

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Check out the latest video by Revivo, which consists of members ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tony Ills – just to name a few. The latest video is taken off their latest project called Kotas N Caviar, which is  called Don’t Tell Me Whattado.

Kotas N Caviar is available for free download and streaming!


Revivolution release their “Kotas N Caviar” mixtape!

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Slated for a release on Youth Day (June 16) out in South Africa, The Revivolution clique have released their much anticipated mixtape entitled Kotas N Caviar a little earlier than expected. 

Revivolution is no stranger here on the Lavatory Records platform as we have profiled members such as ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tommy Ills as the most recent feature.

Make sure you get that Kotas N Caviar album which is available for free download.


Tommy Ills and his new cinematic approach to life and music


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When thinking of art and music, one mantra that has constantly been conveyed here at Lavatory Records is that “music connects us all”. Be it film, theater, radio and television – every form of entertainment has music encompassed in it. This mantra also applies to rapper Tommy Ills from the Revivolution clique – bar a slight nuance from that norm.

Tommy Ills, who used to be known as One L during his battle rap days, was an aspirant film maker who discovered rap music along the way. For Tommy, his life can be likened to a screenplay that converged into the perfect musical script (rap sheets even so to speak). With his forthcoming release, Pizza and Pu**y Parlour, a collaboration with producer Vez Fullstop, he aims to “Do The Right Thing” for his career and artistic direction. Hence the change of aliases from One L to Tommy Ills was more than suited to his new outlook.

We were able to get word from Tommy Ills about his origins and artistry, his love for fashion, musical direction, battle rap history and much more. Without further ado, we get into the fourth Revivolution feature on Lavatory Records.

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