Revivolution release their “Kotas N Caviar” mixtape!

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Slated for a release on Youth Day (June 16) out in South Africa, The Revivolution clique have released their much anticipated mixtape entitled Kotas N Caviar a little earlier than expected. 

Revivolution is no stranger here on the Lavatory Records platform as we have profiled members such as ImproPoe, Inferno Williams, Tony Dangler and Tommy Ills as the most recent feature.

Make sure you get that Kotas N Caviar album which is available for free download.




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Tony Dangler From Revivolution returns to bring you this laid back experimental music video for Rebates off the Tone Static Ep. The Video is a New Dodgy Dialect and Grime Town production and features some familiar faces from the city.

In case you missed it, check out the interview with Tony Dangler from March of this year. Also download or stream your free copy of The Tone static EP.


Tony Dangler exudes the answer to “Who’s The Boss”

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Many people who follow the underground Hip Hop scene would have known Tony Dangler as Fudge Fugitive, before he adopted his new alias. The dangling may just be a personification of his cool, laid back nature and smooth rhyming, which ultimately contributes to the different flavours you can find within the Revivolution Clique.

With Tony, being the boss is not necessarily the Hip Hop association that you find with the Rick Ross’ or the Birdmans’ about getting paid and having people to pay. In Tony’s instance it’s about embodying being an emcee (MC) as a form of mastery and that mastery of self. Since partaking in the Sprite Uncontainable Search which took him all the way to New Orleans a few years ago, he’s gone through some redefining moments. When one’s horizons expand, perspectives change and the possibilities become infinite.

Since then he’s released his collaboration album with Canadian producer, Sam Static called Tone Static EP, which was released towards the end of 2015. We reached out to Tony after having previously chatted to his Revivolution mates ImproPoe and Inferno Williams. We spoke to Mr “Swank_N_Dank” about his latest project, his coming of age and name switch, and his battle rap days among other things.

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Tony Dangler presents : The Tone Static EP

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Tony Dangler from the Hip Hop group Revivolution released his projected entitled The Tone Static EP on Monday the 16th of November 2015. This is a collaboration project with Canadian Producer, Sam Static.

Tony had this to say about his latest project:

“Some Jazzy Instrumentals and Old New Raps to throw you back to that era of music you been missing for years. Canadian Producer Sam Static meets South African Rapper Tony Dangler for this collaboration. AWE!”

We at Lavatory Records are proud to announce that we will be interviewing Tony Dangler! He will be the third feature from the Revivolution crew after ImproPoe (July 2015) and Inferno (October 2015).

Do look out for the interview with Tony coming soon, till then download your free copy of The Tone Static EP