Crispy T presents the “Crispy cuts mix tape: Retro Tre” exclusive project

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Alberton producer Crispy T has made his first hip hop mix which is an exclusive called Crispy cuts mix tape: Retro Tre. This mix is of  Crispy T’s friend; South African rapper Tre and all his old tracks from back in the day.

The project is available on Mixcloud and Audiomack. Hope you all enjoy this exclusive!




Tre gives us glimpses of his “Evil Thoughts”

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South African rapper Tre whom we haven’t heard from in a little bit of a while is back with his latest single Evil Thoughts , which is available for free download.  To find out more about the song which will be on his forthcoming album release entitled Get Up: All City Toy, make sure you check out the press release.

An official release date is still yet to be announced, however that date will be finalised shortly.

Introducing “The Drive By Design” mixtape series (press release)


Music drives us, literally and figuratively! The “drive”, in the abstract, is what keeps us going on a day-to-day basis as a means of motivation. In the literal, many urban folks commute either by driving themselves or being driven by others to some form of music in the background. That’s what defines the drive, with music playing a role of inspiration; either to get us through the day or a physical trip.

In Hip Hop, ‘gangster rap’ is synonymous with “drive-bys” and organised crime; in this sense ‘the drive’ can accompany undesirable results and negative consequences. Such is life though, the good and bad lead us to a destination. For Lavatory Records and TnT Corporation this was all it took to derive this concept, having to leave others behind while picking up others along the way – to create a new sound track in transit. Such is the design of life and the path we all go through, filled with potholes, cross roads, cul-de-sacs, dead ends and detours. Whatever happens though, we keep driving.

The Drive By Design is in partnership with TNT Corporation (headed up by punk rapper Tre) who will assist in audio engineering the series of project. The Drive By Design Volume 1 is set to be released in the first quarter of 2017, and will be hosted by music producer Crispy T.  This is a showcase for Hip Hop/Rap artists to get themselves on, this will be a compilation of  indie rap artists worldwide. Crispy T is the curator and will select tracks from artists around the globe.  

This is music that you would wanna bump while you enjoy the ride…. stay the course and keep driving!

Tre’s catching a case of the “Industry Blues” (Press Release)

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If one holds their breath long enough, then their face will start turning blue (visibility of which depends on the amount of melanin one has). For a white rapper like Tre, who has been plying his trade in the industry for almost a decade without a single radio hit, it’s easy to ‘catch the blues’ as he is still holding out. The blues as a musical genre is centered around the central theme of depression. If there ever was a time for the music industry to slump into depression, the current digital age would be it; which now seems to be past the point of economic recession.

Industry Blues is about Tre’s experiences since coming into the industry – from when he dropped out of his tertiary studies to pursue what many may deem as a fruitless dream. Although he hasn’t “made it” yet, Tre promises to keep grinding and is not about to let up. Industry Blues will be on Tre’s next album Get Up: All City Toy which is due for release in early 2017.

As Tre’s second single to be campaigned for national radio, this speaks of Tre’s tenacious nature despite his previous single Enough being play-listed on only one community radio station in South Africa. If at first you don’t succeed – you try again, lamenting that one must suck it up even if it means going blue in the face (of adversity).

Check out the Industry Blues snippet video.

Industry Blues has transcended musical single status and is now a conversation, in the form of a reality series on the Tre Channel on YouTube. The series is hosted by the surging Techno/TechHouse DJ KING//HER, who will also be releasing some musical projects via Tre’s label TNT Productions. You can watch KING//HER presents Industry Blues Episode 01 on the Tre Channel.





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Has Tre gone MAD??

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Tre is back in the building with an exclusive interview! Following our special feature on the M.A.D album discussion and press release, we take a closer look at what fans can expect from the album and the concept behind it. Tre also discusses the happenings of the past year, as well as putting your minds to ease on the rumour that TNT Productions have been working on several other collaborations. We also FINALLY get the answer to that all important question that’s been on everyone’s mind, has Tre officially gone “MAD”?

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The MAD album by Tre (discussion)

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A number of people may remember a publication from some decades ago, called MAD magazine. Started in the 1950s, the publication was known for its satirical approach to societal issues, chiefly the earlier adaptation of the entertainment industry through parodies. It is from this point of departure that we analyse the concept to Tre’s forthcoming release, therefore posing the question: has Tre gone Mad?

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Street Cred Volume 2 by Big Will and Studio 816 In The Mix

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Street Cred Volume 2 which is hosted by Big Will and Studio 816 In The mix,  has hit the streets..straight out of Kansas City, Missouri! We had the opportunity to interview Big Will very recently , just after Street Cred Volume 1 was released – make sure you read that interview and the respective first project. Street Cred Volume 2 is available for free streaming on SoundCloud and available for free download on the Midwest Mixtapes website.

Our homie Tre features on this project with his latest single entitled Enough featuring Annastasia Nicol.

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Tre has “Enough”!

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The music business is one of the toughest industries to make it in. It can bring you down to the point of self-doubt and second-guessing yourself in the face of constant rejection and disappointments. If its not dealing with with extraneous and unforeseen setbacks, there’s betrayal and back-stabbings from industry folk who are always looking to short change artists, while posing as friends and people who are supposed to help. This is what prompted ‘punk rapper’, Tre, from Pretoria (originally from Cape Town) to pen the track Enough, which features up and coming vocalist Annastasia Nicol (who was interviewed by us last month).

Enough is a musical interpretation of that moment when one has that final straw break and turns their back on all the naysayers, and says forget them all! Their opinions mean nothing, you will do what you have to do to keep your dream alive. The song has a heavy symphony-like lead by a violin melody, supported by an electronic backdrop which will not be out of place at a Trance themed music festival. This showcases how Tre as an artist is willing to break barriers and incorporate a vast amount of sounds, in order to achieve what is destined for him despite the hardships along the way. In one’s journey, trying a multitude of things before getting it right is vital. It hardly ever happens that somebody who achieves anything great gets it right at the first time of asking.

For one so young, Tre has been at it for 8 years and has decided to update the formula of his rather tenured music career. Since bursting on the music scene at a tender age, Tre has released three studio mixtapes, Up and Coming in late 2012, Return of Tre in 2013 and Tre Day on the 5th of April 2014. His latest album called Get Up: All City Toy is expected to release in the latter half 2016. At the moment the single Enough is a stand alone project that serves as a prelude to the Get Up: All City Toy album release.

If there’s ever a time one can say enough and not mean that they are quitting – Tre has been able to put a new spin on that. Like his idol Eminem made “Fight Music” popular, he may have just coined the term “Fight Back Music” with this record.

Enough is available for free download on Audiomack