012_Tnt Radio launches a new show hosted by Trizzy Tre and Lienkz called “Underground Arts”

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012_TnT Radio show has opened up any other radio segment – one that aims to feature and breaks indie artists called Underground Arts. This show is strictly for the up and coming artists, the alternative/underground acts and those that operate in the “hardcore” space,so it is thus the hosted by the befittingly low key and deranged Trizzy Tre!

On this show Tre is backed up by female hostess Lienkz, where you can catch them doing their thing on Episode One of the show available on Mixcloud. The first show features acts like Zandalee, Sweden’s 18 Horses and USA’s Pretty Gritty along with several other acts.




TnT Show #3 – “The Black Pander” featuring special guest Julie Vivier and “T’Crispalla”

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This week we have ” T’Crispalla ” who reviews the Black Panther movie which in his view, should be renamed due to it’s pandering to a black audience demanding a black super hero from Marvel Universe! Find out what Trizzy Tre and Crispy T (T’Crispalla) had to say about Marvel’s latest creation.

This show also features Julie Vivier from the Julie Muir Vivier Anti-Abuse & Empowerment Trust (JMV Trust). We had a nice chat to her about the foundation and her selection of Top 5 songs (featured herein), along with a few other things. You can find out more about Julie and her foundation on these following places:


Facebook Group




Mexico by FDL featuring Tre (Produced by Hoodinie)

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“Started from the bottom..” the utilised opener for this collaboration by FDL with his featured guest, fellow Cap City (Pretoria) native Tre on their respective stanzas. In the upper most parts of the world such as North America, at the furthest southern part of it is a country is known for its “wild, hot and zany” side. When you start from the bottom, it tends to be a wild ride when trying to climb into the game (think galloping cowboys going gun crazy and riding on horseback).

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The beginning of the TnT Show hosted by Crispy T and Tre!

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Alberton based producer and music compiler Crispy T and punk rapper Tre have released their radio show under called the TnT Radio Show

The first show was launched last night and available on Mixcloud. This radio format show aims to take music the adolescents in South Africa and beyond the borders, particularly from disadvantaged communities, impoverished backgrounds such trauma centres and children’s homes etc.

Hope you enjoy it! Contact details for the show will be presented soon….



Big Will Studio 816 presents Street Cred Vol.4 (mixed by DJ Kool Hand) featuring our very own local rapper Tre!

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Our homie from Kansas City (Missouri) Big Will and radio host Big Will from Studio 816 has released the fourth volume of the Street Cred mixtape, on the last day of 2017. The

Street Cred Volume 4 features none other than our very own – Pretoria based rapper Tre who had unfortunately been involved in a car accident after his honeymoon. Some good news for him after that unfortunate mishap!

In 2018 we are taking our grind worldwide! Happy new year and enjoy the latest mixtape.

Update on rapper Tre and his wife’s accident on their way back from their honeymoon

Pretoria (30/12/2017) – As promised from the initial report of the accident that took place on the afternoon of Friday the 29th of December, we will have more details of the accident in which left rapper Tre and his pregnant wife (Jolien Harrison) having their vehicle overturned.

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While travelling back from their honeymoon from Sun City, Tre heard what he described as “weird sounds” coming from his vehicle which lead to him lose control of the car. Fortunately after getting medical check ups at Life Peglerae Hospital in Rustenburg, Tre came back home to Pretoria with minor scratches. As for his wife Jolien – she is still at the medical facility after having their unborn baby scanned for any injuries, fortunately both mom and baby are also clear of having sustained any injuries.

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Punk rapper Tre and pregnant wife involved in car accident after their honeymoon!

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Rustenburg (29/12/2017) – Pretoria based punk rapper and studio engineer Tre – who is no stranger to the Lavatory Records platform was involved in a car accident this afternoon. He was with his wife Jolien Harrison who is also four months pregnant, while they were travelling back from their honeymoon in Sun City.

The accident was described as bizarre as the car turned over and ended up on it’s off, after straying off the road. The couple got out relatively unscathed and were taken to the nearby Life Peglerae Hospital for medical checks.

The scan of the unborn baby came out all fine and with no injuries.

We shall have more details on the story from the newly-wedded Tre in the next coming hours .