Crispy T with Tropic of Gemini Episode 04

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Tropic of Gemini Episode 04 by Crispy T , is now available on Mixcloud and Audiomack (free download).



Welcome to the Tropic of Gemini where it’s all about Jungle/Drumb and Bass


Alberton music producer Crispy T after wrapping up the first season of  his tropical house series Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise, has now embarked on his new EDM adventure on Tropic of Gemini.

This new one is all about Drum and Bass (D&B) which was originally known as jungle music. If one looks at the world’s geometry – situated on the equator are the world’s most dense jungles. The two Tropics (Cancer and Capricorn) also are known for having similar vegetation. Due to the fact that Crispy T is a Gemini, he decided that because there are two tropics and Geminis are known for their dual personalities , Tropic of Gemini was thus the perfect name for this new series. If you are a hard drum and bass fan or even a liquid fan, you are sure to like this one.

Tropic of Gemini Episode One is available on Mixcloud and on Audiomack (free download)