Tropic of Gemini Episode 14 by Crispy T

Lavatory Records

Alberton based producer and now recently turned DJ Crispy T,  has released his latest mix called Tropic of Gemini Episode 14.  This is for all the drum and bass fans out there and is also available on Audiomack for free download.



Crispy T’s Tropic of Gemini Season 2 starts off with a “double sided” Episode 11! Pays tribute to late his grandfather and welcomes his godson’s birth

Alberton based radio personality and producer Crispy T has brought in his winter project called Tropic of Gemini, starting with a double sided (two part) Episode 11 to kick off season two of the drum and bass series. Both episodes were dedicated to two very special people in his life, his grandfather who passed away on the fourth of June in 2017 and his god son who was born last week. Both events happened during the gemini zodiac season.

The double part project was chosen to represent duality of death and life, where both operate at tandem and represented through the numeral “11” to mark the symbol of Gemini. where something ends – it brings about a new beginning.

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