I’m A Survivor (Remix) music video by Uniekgrace

Lavatory Records

Nigerian pop singer Uniekgrace is back with her music video for the I’m A Survivor (Remix). This remix  to the original is an electronica cross over, just like the music video showcases Uniekgrace’s multicultural exposure for she is based in Belgium.

Hope you all enjoy the music video!


Uniekgrace remixes the “I’m A Suvivor” single

Lavatory Records

Nigerian songstress Uniekgrace who has come into her own as a much traveled artist. This time she decided to retell her trials and tribulations of her original song, in the  newly released I’m A Survivor (Remix)!

 I’m A Survivor (Remix) by Uniekgrace  is produced by Mixmaster Garzy. Which is a Afro-fusion mixed with some electronic dance music. If you want to know more about Uniekgrace, read our interview with her from back in May.

Uniekgrace steps into her musical calling through the light


Uniekgrace is a musician who has made the world her home and has been exposed to a diverse amount of cultures. Born in Nigeria, educated in the USA and now calling Belgium home; Uniekgrace has had to draw inspiration from her migratory life in order to cultivate her own musical sound; and in the process may have even been gently nudged into her greater calling.

Along her journey Uniekgrace has faced and survived some trying times, which led her to the recording of the single I’m A Survivor. Through her tribulations she found solace in the higher power and recorded the track Jesus Is Real, giving greater significance as to grace being part of who she is.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Uniekgrace about her beginnings in the music industry, her latest single Heal Our Land and her future plans.

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