The Roy Vogt’s Thunder Row – July 9-11

To find out more about the niche event that showcases Bass Guitar leads, then click here to read the Roy Vogt Presents 5th Annual Thunder Row Bass Invitational at Summer NAMM article by Bass Musician Magazine.  It will be held in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) on the 9-11 July 2015.
Our recent interviewee (month of May) Vuyani Wakaba & Friends, will have the honor of performing at this year’s Summer Namm (National Association of Music Manufacturers) bass showcase. Vuyani’s bands mates are: Dennis Sindberg on tenor saxophone,  alto saxophone and flute. Dana Goodman on drums. Chris Edwards on percussion, Scott Evans on guitar and Yaw Prah on keyboards.

Mr Vuyani Wakaba

“My band is performing on the evening of July 9th at a venue called Douglas’ Corner.  I will be bringing a band from Chicago to play arrangements of songs I have always liked.  The other bands will be led by nationally known bassists.  The audience will be made up of musicians, music equipment manufacturing reps, and other industry insiders.” -Vuyani Wakaba

Check out the Roy Vogt’s 5th Annual Event Thunder Row Bass Invitational page for more details on Facebook. 

Building baselines and basslines: the Vuyani Wakaba story

“Go wherever the wind blows…” is a story many musicians can relate to, as going on the road and being nomadic is all part of the journey for many. The “city of wind”, a common alias for Chicago Illinois – due to its ever forceful chilly breeze – befittingly became home to Vuyani Wakaba and his family.

This well-travelled bass guitarist, who considers himself an instrumentalist, has always had a penchant for picking up bass lines. Vuyani gave Lavatory Records an exclusive interview, which is another ground breaking feature for us. This is a testimony that there is a slice for everyone in this big pie – that is called the entertainment industry. Even as a sideman, with a relatively laidback role, you are still an independent contractor who is an important cog in the works. Support functions are an integral role in the whole “symphony” despite the spotlight being mainly on the vocalist (as the modern day conductor).

Vuyani tells us of how he can see building structures by day and hear musical structures by night. The bass sets the tone and rhythm, before adding other musical pieces and instruments – in the same way a building needs the foundation structures, before adding the material drapes over the base structure.

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