Yang Cil: “Crazy In Love” with Hip Hop

Lavatory Records

There’s no denying that Hip Hop music has evolved since its inception. Through this evolution the Hip Hop sound has been infused with other sounds, and more predominantly the Rhythm and Blues (R&B) sound. This has led to a joint urban genre between the two styles within the mainstream categorization.

According to many folks within the Urban and Hip Hop culture, LL Cool J who’s one of the rappers renowned for love-inspired rap lyrics, would most likely be the main protagonist behind the idea of merging Hip Hop with R&B music. In the early 2000’s Ja Rule also rode the wave of love inspired raps to much commercial success.

Yang Cil is a young rapper who just started out in the game and has hopes to emulate the type of sound popularized by the aforementioned acts. For this rapper who hails from Mpumalanga, a province which rarely gets much attention for its musical artistry, the independent route seemed to be the only alternative. Yang Cil has enjoyed some personal success through self-distribution of his latest EP titled Life Is So Hard. In this interview Yang Cil shares his story and account of “getting out the gate” and doing it all by himself, while spreading a message of positiveness.

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Life Is So Hard EP By Yang Cil

Lavatory Records

Download and/or stream the Life Is So Hard E.P. by Yang Cil. The young rapper from Mpumalanga, South Africa has a rap style that is infused with R&B.

He is an artist who bases his music on emotive connectivity, by turning the melancholic into positive motivation. Yang Cil will be featured on the Lavatory Records website in an interview to come on Monday the 28th of September.

Until then, don’t forget to check out the Life Is So Hard E.P., available for free download and streaming. You can also show support for Yang Cil by purchasing My Girl and I’m Leaving You singles from the iTunes store. 

Also check him out on SoundCloud.