Z3R0 is back in 2018 with some “Robot Love”!


Lavatory Records

An artist whom we haven’t heard from in a long while, has just released a single for us to enjoy! In line with his digitally spelled name – Z3R0 has given us some Robot Love , in time of the “love month” of February!

The single is available for free download and streaming! If you want to know more about Z3R0 read our interview with him from a few years ago.


Z3RO premieres “Bar Wars: Episode 1 – A New Hope”!

Lavatory Records

With the latest Star Wars movie dropping on the same day, Z3R0 has flighted Episode 1 of his new installments called Bar Wars: Episode 1 – A New Hope, which is available for free download and streaming via AudiomackThe song is also available on SoundCloud for free download and streaming as well.

Z3R0 was interviewed by us during month of October, make sure you don’t miss! Z3R0 had this this regarding the latest song.

” The first track off of the new Z3R0 project ‘Z3R0 Goes To The Movies’ where he will be re-imagining the music and stories of some of his favourite films” 


Starting Over at Z3R0

Reinvention and recreation is a recurring notion that is often expressed when artists mull over decisions that centre on their longevity. Sometimes, like in the case of Paragon (real name Ross Melow) – starting at “Ground Zero” does occasionally happen as a result of an overhaul.

In the same way as his label mate at TitusTrack Entertainment; Chron Burgundy, also found that with growth comes the inevitable force of change and re-adaptation. It happens in all forms of life such as business and commerce, as well as nature if one considers the theory of evolution.

The artist formerly known as Paragon, has now taken on the moniker of Z3R0. If you are familiar with the Megaman video game and animated series, there’s a character called Zero who was given that name because “nothing is absolute, and circumstances can change anything”. Also with former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, who himself was known as “Agent Zero”, featured prominently on the Adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” adverts. Gilbert Arenas turned himself into an All Star player though he was told he would play “Zero Minutes” at collegial level.

Sometimes, to feel comfortable within your own skin, be at peace with circumstances that occur and take yourself to the next level, one has to start at “ZR30”. For that reason, we at Lavatory Records felt compelled to start with Z3R0 and ask him the pressing questions with no further ado.

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