#PurvyFriday “Started In the Village” for the PurvGang this week

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PurvGang for this #PurvyFriday have Started In The Village! Check the track out that is produced by Toobzhundo.



TnT Show #3 – “The Black Pander” featuring special guest Julie Vivier and “T’Crispalla”

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This week we have ” T’Crispalla ” who reviews the Black Panther movie which in his view, should be renamed due to it’s pandering to a black audience demanding a black super hero from Marvel Universe! Find out what Trizzy Tre and Crispy T (T’Crispalla) had to say about Marvel’s latest creation.

This show also features Julie Vivier from the Julie Muir Vivier Anti-Abuse & Empowerment Trust (JMV Trust). We had a nice chat to her about the foundation and her selection of Top 5 songs (featured herein), along with a few other things. You can find out more about Julie and her foundation on these following places:


Facebook Group




The “Certain Dillusions” album by ImproPoe from Revivo has officially been released on Friday the 13th

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ImproPoe (also known as James Caviar or the White Shadow) from the Revivo’ clique has released his second solo album called Certain Dillusions , on this Friday the 13th of April 2018!

The album is available for free download.

Despite being based out in China from where he released his latest project, we were able to get another interview out of ImproPoe which will be on the way soon! Be on the look out for that one.

ImproPoe pre-leases “Positively Nuisanced” and “Try Again” on the road to Certain Dillusions

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Our friend from the Revivolution Clique who is now based out in China in ImproPoe , is currently preparing the release of his second solo album entitled Certain Dillusions.

The rapper who released his debut solo album called Body of Proof, which has been considered an underground success has given us two teasers from his new release. The first one is called Positively Nuisanced and the other one is entitled Try Again,  both songs are available for free download.

Also we are excited to announce that ImproPoe has agreed to do another interview with us, so be on the look out for that.






The musical journey from Sweden to beyond- backed by the power of 18 Horses

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When one thinks of Swedish music, it’s usually the Pop giants and historically successful acts such ABBA, Roxette etc that come to mind. Sweden as a region has been one of the dark horses – a more befitting description of the “underdog status” in this context – when it comes to Hip Hop. Despite the fact that there is an active Hip Hop scene, the Swedish market offers a relatively low amount of exposure to Hip Hop acts such as our interview subjects, 18 Horses.

Hailing from a town called Norrkoping, which is also home to the football side IFK Norrkoping, 18 Horses have been doing their thing and embarked on the long journey to make it in the Hip Hop game. Horses are often associated with traction and mobility measured in units of power, considering that Sweden also manufactures the luxury automobile line called Volvo. With all this considered, we spoke to the lead vocalist of the 18 Horses band, Sebastian Lennskog; as a jockey of this horse, he rides on the backs of another singer and a producer to complete the 18 Horses trio.

Sebastian shared with us how the 18 Horses stable (pun intended) came about and touched on their music – in light of their recent EP releases Kapitel 1 – Samhallet and Kapitel 2 – Relationer. We also discussed a number of things and got the low down straight out of the (18) horse’s mouth ;)!

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It’s the return of the mack on Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 02: The gross dishonesty of “feminine purity”


On this episode our boy Crispy T returns for this second installment of his solo radio show on 012TnT_Radio! Crispy T-Mack Attack Episode 2 is available on Mixcloud.

Hear what he has to say on what really disgusts him about the dating scene. Particularly the biased views on the “clean” portrayal of women who are seen as more modest and romantically pure. Watch how he undresses the issue in his usually “crispy” manner!

Let us know what you think in any of the comment sections. Follow Crispy T on all relevant social media platforms: @crispyt1450 .


The elevator to the top: what is the selling price of fame? 


In this era of the music economy many artists are looking for sponsorship and endorsement deals, to compensate or supplement for the lack of revenue meant to be generated from album sales and royalties. We’ve already discussed many of the quantitative aspects pertaining to an artist’s branding concepts in previous article published in 2016. So, in this article we’ll be giving a qualitative perspective on how an artist can monetise from fame. This is to add further understanding for artists to be able to integrate the information from the music economy series and convert it into a business model which works best for them.

We’ve seen instances where some artists seek attention through all sorts of strange manners, just to “stay relevant” and become the talk of the town. As a basis of income levels, terms such as ‘mass markets’ and ‘niche markets’ are thrown around. These are two broad types of economic markets, which enterprises try to target in order to generate revenue and grow their businesses. According to the Chron, “the term mass market refers to a large, undifferentiated market of consumers with widely varied backgrounds. Products and services needed by almost every member of society are suited for the mass market.” This mainly means that, this would be inclusive of a market of people of all income levels, which does not exclude anyone. For artists, this offers them a chance to sell to as many individuals as possible – for as long as the merchandise price point does not exclude consumers from lower income groups. In musical terms, this could be assumed as catering to the mainstream audience who make up the majority.

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Crispy T closes season two of Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise with Episode 22

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Crispy T has closed his summer project which is the season two of Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise, on episode 22 which is available on Mixcloud and Audiomack (free download).

Fear not – Mr Crispy will be back real soon with season of his winter project Tropic of Gemini. which is for all the Drum and Bass fans. Until then – enjoy this very last episode of #cccALB1450.