KING//HER X-Files Episode 19

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This week – the X-Files Episode 19  on Mixcloud coincided with the release of KING//HER’s collaboration with french producer Yonea on a song called Revenge.

Head over to Audiomack if you want to download the mix for free.


Yonea featuring KING//HER – Revenge (Press Release)

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French producer Yonea and KING//HER pulled off one of the crimes of the ages when they plotted “Revenge”. Who would have thought that the Techno/Tech-House and DJ would turn vocalist and lend her songwriting skills on top of Yonea’s beat.  Yonea founded the France based label called Eighty-Eight Music, made sure “Revenge became a murder case…” when he killed this beat – to which KING//HER even surprised by penning down a rap verse. Yonea who usually silently produced for his affiliated rappers in his stable, this time went rather experimental on this futuristic beat in order to get a little more recognition as a composer and a brand.

The song is about the aftermath of stormy relationships, which not only leaves one emotionally depleted, but can strip you off your dignity, resources and physical vitality. When all is said and done, all that’s left are two alternatives: wallow away in misery or fight back, revenge in the form of music and numerous firing of shots. KING//HER really got into this song with a flurry of metaphors and subliminal shots, which inspired her “comeback” in terms of expanding on her already impressive artistic ability.

This collaboration where Electronic Dance Music met Hip Hop was pulled off and is now available for free streaming, as the first single off of Yonea’s project where the release date for the full album has not yet been announced. Until then, hope you all enjoy the musical debut of both KING//HER on a single and of Yonea as a cameo producer.

The track is available on Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer , Apple Music, iTunes, Napstar and Shazam. 

Le producteur français Yonea et la Djette Sud Africaine KING // HER ont retracés l’histoire d’un crime  lorsqu’ils ont composés “Revenge”.

Qui aurait pensé que la Djette Techno / Tech-house aurait posée sa voix et ses talents d’écritures sur un beat démoniaque de ce jeune producteur ?!

 Yonea , qui a fondé le label intitulé Eighty-Eight Music en France, s’est assuré que “La vengeance est devenue une question de meurtre …” quand il a balancé ce beat – auquel KING // HER lui a fait le plaisir de poser ses couplets de rap.

 Yonea, qui produisait discretement  pour ses rappeurs affiliés dans son écurie et dans le monde entier,  a cette fois-ci été plutôt expérimental sur ce beat futuriste afin d’obtenir un peu plus de reconnaissance en tant que compositeur et y déposer sa signature.

La chanson parle des séquelles de relations orageuses qui non seulement laissent une plaie émotionnelle mais peut vous toucher dans  votre dignité,  vos ressources et  votre vitalité physique. Quand tout est dit et fait, tout ce qui reste sont deux alternatives: se laisser aller ou se battre, se venger sous forme de musique et de rafales de kicks.

KING // Her a vraiment pris parti  de cette chanson avec une vague de métaphores et de coups subliminaux, ce qui a inspiré son «retour» en termes d’expansion de sa capacité artistique déjà impressionnante.

Cette collaboration plutôt orientée  Electronic Dance Music ( EDM) mélangée au  Hip Hop  est maintenant disponible en streaming gratuit, en tant que premier single du projet de Yonea dont  la date de sortie de l’album complet n’a pas encore été annoncée officiellement .

Jusque là, espérons que vous appréciez tous le tout premier single de KING // HER et de Yonea en tant que producteurs associés.

Le morceau est disponible sur Amazon , Google Play , Spotify , Deezer , Apple Music , Itunes , Napster et Shazam

Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise Closes for season 1 at Episode 09 and 10.


Season one of Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise has now come to a close, this is a tropical house series compiled and mixed by Alberton based producer Crispy T. Don’t forget to check out the interview we had with him from a few months ago.

Episode 09 and Episode 10 are the last two episodes for season one.

Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise Episode 09 and Crispy’s Caribbean Cruise 10 is also available for free download via audiomack.  We will keep you up to date for when season 2 comes back around! Mr Crispy hopes you enjoyed this journey with him so far.






FDL: Free to do what he wants!

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When you think about music, art or creativity in general, the last thing you’d think of are rules and regulations. No artist likes to deal with anything related to federal and centralisation, as that usually involves some form of control of their art or artistry by the government!

Federal above the Law, commonly known as FDL, is a rapper from Soshanguve in Pretoria. Despite what his name stands for, FDL embodies his full poetic license and is all about creating with no restrictions. He is part of the group Sky[Hi]Fed and an emerging solo artist who has been doing his thing for a long time. FDL is one busy man who finds it hard to sit still as he’s always on the move. Lavatory Records was happy to get a moment with him.

We asked him about his solo career, Sky[Hi]Fed and his perspectives on hip hop at the moment among other things.

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