AMA is away from, and BEYOND limited beliefs!

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AMA, a young vibrant Zimbabwean songstress embodies the essence of contemporary artistry in terms of self-expression and embracing one’s independence. Independent of thought and of voice, the lovely songbird can also hold no punches when it comes to deliberating her message. She lives her truth and speaks it!

Being a lady with a head strong attitude, AMA makes it clear that she’s all about living her full purpose in music and that’s just it for her (do not ask her to ever consider anything else). AMA’s new single, Folklore, alongside fellow Zim artist LoveDale Makalanga (DJ Discord) is currently doing the rounds online. Lavatory Records had the opportunity to delve into the AMAzing abstract mind and AMAzon-like personality of the singer: AMABEYOND!

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LoveDale Makalanga schools us on his Muringa inspired sound!

Lavatory Records

Meet Mr. LoveDale Makalanga –a gifted performer and an eclectic soul. The Zimbabwean-born muso comes from a musical family and has an artistically cultural background. Both factors which have helped contributed to the depth of his musicality and helped shape his musical career.

During this time where his duet single with AMABEYOND called Folklore was recently launched,  Lavatory Records were fortunate to have a convo with LoveDale. LoveDale described how he discovered his sound within the diverse realm of Afro fusion sounds. He also discussed his journey in the Zimbabwean music industry – from his early days in a music group to establishing himself as a solo artist, and so much more.

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UniekGrace releases the “E go better” EP!

Lavatory Records

Our good friend and Nigerian songstress UniekGrace has released her much anticipated EP entitled E go BetterSubscribe to the UniekGrace Channel on YouTube where you can listen to the full audio.

The lovely song bird who is now based in Belgium, after a much traveled life keeps getting better at her craft and has now progress of being a “survivor” (A song title she coined which also had an accompanying remix). The song bird is thriving and ever evolving!

Make sure you check the project out – which is available on digital stores such as Deezer, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify!

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DrumPIPO Ensemble releases “Christmas In Africa” just ahead of the festive season..

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DrumPIPO Ensemble is an Afro Jazz band founded by Philip Sowah who is Ghanaian by birth and now based in Pretoria, South Africa. A multi talented act who have performed across the globe including Africa, Asia and America. Their sound is generally unique as an Afro Jazz genre.

The first album titled Dreams Come Alive was all over the international market on iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play and other digital download stores, which made a huge impact to the band’s fans and followers.

DrumPIPO Ensemble has just released a new album,  Christmas in Africa which is currently available on all major digital download stores and CDs can be ordered vie the DrumPIPO Facebook Page. You can check out the tracks on the latest album off their SoundCloud profile.

Philip Sowah proudly has this to say:

“This is the next big thing to happen in my entire career and I believe that this album will set a pace for many African musicians to follow…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you in advance!! “

Uniekgrace remixes the “I’m A Suvivor” single

Lavatory Records

Nigerian songstress Uniekgrace who has come into her own as a much traveled artist. This time she decided to retell her trials and tribulations of her original song, in the  newly released I’m A Survivor (Remix)!

 I’m A Survivor (Remix) by Uniekgrace  is produced by Mixmaster Garzy. Which is a Afro-fusion mixed with some electronic dance music. If you want to know more about Uniekgrace, read our interview with her from back in May.

Uniekgrace steps into her musical calling through the light


Uniekgrace is a musician who has made the world her home and has been exposed to a diverse amount of cultures. Born in Nigeria, educated in the USA and now calling Belgium home; Uniekgrace has had to draw inspiration from her migratory life in order to cultivate her own musical sound; and in the process may have even been gently nudged into her greater calling.

Along her journey Uniekgrace has faced and survived some trying times, which led her to the recording of the single I’m A Survivor. Through her tribulations she found solace in the higher power and recorded the track Jesus Is Real, giving greater significance as to grace being part of who she is.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Uniekgrace about her beginnings in the music industry, her latest single Heal Our Land and her future plans.

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DrumPIPO Rolls On…

In this climate where individualism is a mantra exhibited by most modern contemporaries, the prominence of music bands seems to be waning. One can perhaps attribute this to the ‘quick fix microwave’ culture we see today. The music industry is now fixated on the cheap convenience of churning single after single, album after album and mixtape after mixtape with the least time and financial investment possible.

DrumPIPO Ensemble is a band that is all about the cause of “the collective” first. They are a body of work which encompasses a coming together of musicians from all corners, musically and geographically. The group is made up of members from different parts of Africa whose diverse sound is integrated in song. Since 2009 they have quietly established a tenured career as a band and have just recently released their second studio album titled Dreams Come Alive.

We caught up with Philip Sowah, who’s the face of the band. Philip spoke to us about the incredible story of how they beat the odds and managed to remain together as a unit, gaining traction and gigging around South Africa.

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Dreams Come Alive for DrumPIPO Ensemble!

Lavatory Records

DrumPIPO Ensemble is a band that has been assembled from all part of Africa and are based in the Republic of South Africa. They specialise in the Afro-Pop category and can be regarded as folk musicians.

They have an album out entitled Dreams Come Alive which is available for purchase on iTunes.  You can also check out a few of their singles off Dreams Come Alive the album on their SoundCloud profile. Where you can stream singles such Living The Dream, Dedede Kwawe, Lobola, Chicken Stew and Days Gone By.

Be on the look out for our interview with Mr Philip Sowah from the DrumPIPO Ensemble, coming in the next few weeks.

Denzyl’s debuts his self titled E.P.

Lavatory Records

Durban based singer Denzyl has released his debut E.P. as a four track self titled project. The E.P. is available for streaming on KK Box and Tidal and for purchase on iTunes.

After releasing his E.P. over the festive period in December of 2015, Denzyl made time out of his day to be interviewed by us. The interview will be up in the next few weeks.

Until then check out the Denzyl EP which includes the songs: Lose Your Shoes, If I Ain’t Got You, Look up, Hate You Love You (Featuring Tanya).