PurvGang are back with the PTWFP Music Video to end 2016

Lavatory Records

The crazy hip hop crew from SOWETO called PurvGang is back with a music video for the PWTFP single. The single is off their 2015 mixtape called PGTV.

Purving With The F***ing Purv!


PurvGang says “screw the world…we are just doing us”!

Lavatory Records

“It’s a purple world; purple things can get you gone…”, so goes one of the lines on the hook of PurvGang’s song I’m on. In the early 2000’s Three-Six Mafia’s song, Sipping on some syrup, came out and caused a stir as it introduced the world to a new trend that was becoming popular among music performers. The said trend was the mixing of over-the-counter medication with some recreational drugs to form a cocktail syrup which when ingested induced one into a state of being intoxicated.

Music’s association with chemical intoxication goes back to the 1970’s when Disco music and Rock & Roll were booming. This was the musical era that birthed the sexual revolution and the party lifestyle.

In Hip Hop when rappers speak of “living the life”, they are deemed as being less ‘conscious’ and lyrically inept. Truth is, these are societal issues and if they were to be ignored that would beg the question, how socially aware rappers/emcees truly are? Whether or not you agree with explicit lyrics that are descriptive in nature, is only a matter of taste and an individual’s moral frame of reference.

The PurvGang members – Blingager, Bill$, CoolKay La’Flare, P.Ball, Ninja and Jewz – are unapologetic when it comes to speaking about their perspective of the industry and the world in general. Lavatory Records caught up with them and they broke down how their name came to be, what they are about and future projects they are working on.

Before readin on, you can play the audio version of the Interview with Lavatory Records via PurvGang’s YouTube Channel. Be warned: The interview contains some explicit Language.

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