Expect a surge in spending on entertainment during the recession.



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With all the hysteria about  global currencies volatility and the trade war with China and the USA, the global markets in the world are going through a bit of a frenzy due to news of another global recession. This is particular to the financial markets with accusations flying around about currencies being either overvalued or undervalued, depending on what each individual country’s (or region in terms of the European Union) agenda is in the global trade arena. With many businesses now plying their trade in the modern global game as either importers or exporters, the situation could adversely affect businesses depending on which on end of the foreign exchange rates is conducive to the particular success of the business. With all that is going on in the global economy, a good question would be how does this affect the music industry?

In the short term, when there’s a global recession or depression, it can usually be a very good thing for music entertainers! Usually when uncertainty looms the tendency “to distract and divert attention” is deployed by governments or businesses, whenever there’s a looming down turn in business or productivity. For example – when companies know that business activity closer to the end of the year will wind down, they then decide that this is the ideal time to have their office parties which involve bringing, food, liquor and entertainment (music). Much as office parties are a genuine gesture of employees thanking their employees, they can also be seen as an anomaly due to the employer “surrendering” to the forces of the market environment. When the festive season hits with all it’s “festivities”, it’s usually a good time of the year for artists as that is when they are at their busiest in terms of bookings. However, musicians can be busy at other times apart from the festive season. For example, when politicians around the world want to campaign elections – a lot of the time they would turn to musicians for endorsements.

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The thud of Jon von “Boom’s” (Boehm’s) Ortustic bass

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Nashville, Tennessee (USA) is one of the world’s well-known cities, most popular for its musicality. The “Music City” is home to the highly-regarded bass guitarist Jon von Boehm, who has recently embarked on establishing himself as a solo artist, after a lengthy tenure as a devout collaborative bass guitarist.

In the course of establishing a lane for himself, Jon will be releasing his sophomore album called Ortus. The Latin titled solo offering encapsulates his journey of having to overcome and rise above certain circumstances – something many independent artists’ may identify with. In this offering, Jon really brings a colourful array of sounds, which makes him particularly hard to put in a box. The “Ortustic” volume and vibes of the album do not fall short in communicating his distinct nature and personality, despite not having any vocal contributions on the project.

In this interview, Jon speaks about his sound and where it fits within the context of modern genres. He also spoke at length about his latest album, which features a collaboration with South African-born, US-based fellow bass guitarist Vuyani Wakaba. Apart from being a talented artist, Jon is a wealth of knowledge too and his passion for music oozes through.

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The launch of Stellar Fusion Battles headline by KamBINO vs 3PFD (Press release) on the 31st of March 2017

Justice vs Injustice

PITTSBURGH, PA… March 13, 2017… KamBINO has been known as a top notch lyricist and MC throughout his career.  His last few music projects showed that he isn’t afraid to tackle new, and even controversial material with his music.  Now, this Christian Hip-Hop veteran has decided to take on a new challenge – Battle Rap, specifically concept battle rap.

On March 31, 2017, he will step into the ring to face Stellar Fusion Founder 3PFD in a one-off battle at The Engage Conference for Millennials.  Stellar Fusion Battles is a unique league, instead of competing directly with each other, MCs must adopt a character of either a vice or virtue in a battle based on the hard hitting topics, issues, and struggles of today’s world.

This battle is no exception as KamBINO and 3PFD take on the topic of “Justice vs. Injustice.” Dubbed “The Battle to Make a Nation Right.”  In light of the current political and social unrest, this battle is sure to stir emotion by addressing real life issues, while providing hope that can only be found through true justice.

When asked about the battle 3PFD said, “This is the perfect time for this battle.  There’s a lot of negativity and conflict in the culture, and the need for hope is very real.  People need more than sugarcoated answers and quotes, they need people to speak to this issue and the underlying issues that surround it.  KamBINO has a heart for Justice and speaking to social issues, so he was an easy choice for this battle.  I can’t wait to see what he brings.  It is needed!”

Check out the battle trailer:


If you can’t make it live, no worries.  Stellar Fusion Battles will make the battle available for purchase via online Pay Per View for only a small fee after the event.  Information about the Pay Per View will be made available via Stellar Fusion and 3PFD’s social media once the video is ready to go, so stay tuned.

About Stellar Fusion Battles:

Stellar Fusion Battles is the premier concept rap battle league and ministry in the world.  In concept battles, as opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, concept battles requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue.  Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, Stellar Fusion Battles brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love.   In addition, Stellar Fusion presents truth and life lessons through the themes of the battles.

Christian battle sensation A. Ward makes his SLAP Battles debut vs. 3PFD in “Holding On vs. Giving Up” AKA the battle to persevere

Lavatory RecordsPITTSBURGH, PA… August 27, 2016… Over the last year, A. Ward has made a lot of noise as one of a few Christian Hip-Hop artists to enter the world of secular battle rap.  He has had some of the best performances of the year, including a battle vs. Saint Mic that has been labeled as a battle of the year contender by many top sites in the battle rap world. Off the strength of these performances he earned an invitation to King of the Dot’s (one of the world’s biggest battle rap leagues) biggest card of the year, World Domination 6.

Before that trip, he joined us in Pittsburgh to battle SLAP Battles (Showing Love Applying Pressure) Co-President 3PFD in “Holding On vs. Giving Up” aka “The Battle to Persevere”.  This concept battle took on hard hitting topics of mental illness, depression, suicide, racial tension, and more, all in an attempt to create dialogue and provide hope and Godly solutions to the listeners. Each round was neck and neck, and it showed through the art of battle rap how real this struggle is.

The struggle was particularly real for both 3PFD and A. Ward. 3PFD said of the battle, “I wrestle with anxiety and feeling hopeless at times, so “Giving Up” isn’t just a battle rap opponent. It’s something I face in real life. Doing this battle helped me to express my thoughts and worries related to it and to take a new perspective in order to bring hope into it. The underlying theme of this event was “Hope Rises”, and I hope that I was able to deliver hope to whoever views this battle.”

People in the building were excited as well. Fellow SLAP Battler Brasi said, “This was one of the best battles to go down on SLAP. Point Blank, Period. Great performances from both battlers. Solid content. You can feel the emotions they both had behind their rounds. You can watch over and over again and still be just as entertained as the first time. God used them both in an amazing way.” Fellow headliner Zach Is Nobody also said, “Holding On vs Giving Up is probably the best complete battle we’ve had on SLAP. Bars, content, rebuttals, etc. They both had it all! And the content verses were on point too! After the battle people were saying God spoke to them through it. Praise Jesus!”

You can see the battle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vb9SvLjmdo

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About SLAP Battles:
The concept for SLAP., which stands for “Showing Love, Applying Pressure,” was the brain child of Everette “Pop” Moore of the JustHis League. As opposed to the traditional rap battle, which pits two opponents against each other in a verbal boxing match to prove who the superior MC is, SLAP requires that MCs adopt a character that represents either a vice or a virtue. Then, in a lyrical clash of punch lines, metaphors, bars, and hard hitting a-capella rap, SLAP. brings the same intense entertainment value of battle rap that fans love. In addition, SLAP presents truth and life lessons through the themes of the battles.

“SLAP Battles is a powerful platform, not only are you getting crazy dope lyrics, but bringing perspectives on topics that otherwise may never be seen. SLAP is giving voice to topics that people think on and may be afraid to speak about. SLAP tackles those issues with creativity and purpose.” – Phresh, President of the JustHis League and Hip-Hop Artist

Areas and shades of Nikko Grey

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In this current climate of over-saturation, rappers are a dime a dozen and a commonality. So, the question becomes, how does one rapper differentiate themselves from the next? One may look at subject matter, where for some it is about the ostentatious lifestyle and living it up as a dream; and while for others it may be about their current reality and delving deeper into that. There are a lot of facets one can look at, to find ways to either fit in or go against the grain.

For Nikko Grey, “towing the line” is something he embodies. This US rapper comes across as very light-hearted, yet also has medical science ambitions – which shows a seriousness to him. So, for Nikko, the “areas of Grey” could either be about finding a balance, or be willing to mix up different elements (which is something he may have to embrace during his career).

We quizzed Nikko about his coming to being, his ambitions and what he has in store for music lovers among other things.

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TheGoodBeatz by JAQUEBEATZ

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Download and stream TheGoodBeatz mixtape by new artist/producer JAQUEBEATZ on Datpiff or on Hot New Hip Hop. This mixtape offering marks this project as his debut.

The Atlanta, USA native recently took time out of his busy schedule to speak to Lavatory Records and his interview will be availed on the site in the following weeks. He is signed under B.O.B.’s label called No Genre and has worked with Kevin Gates, Lecrae and our recent feature Emmaline.

Keep on the lookout for the interview with JAQUEBEATZ and make sure you get TheGoodBeatz mixtape Datpiff or on Hot New Hip Hop.

Namaste by Visto Featuring Domani Harris & Emmaline

Lavatory Records

Check out the Namaste video by Visto featuring Domani Harris & Emmaline (who featured on Lavatory Records in the month of August).

You can also stream the song on Soundcloud.

In a press statement released on the 8th of September 2015 about the song, it was stated that:

“While there are many meanings and definitions of the greeting Namaste, Visto, Domani and Emmaline have captured the meaning musically with what is undeniably a hit record for the end of the summer.  Namaste: my soul honors your soul, the spirit within me salutes the spirit in you, I honor the place in you of light, of love, of truth, of peace.” 


“Namaste was a work of the times. I wrote it at Catwalk Studios in DC and it was just very pure and heartfelt. Working with Emmaline and Domani was like working with a long lost brother and sister. It was magic and fate. The whole concept for the visual came from love”. – Visto

Lavatory Records

“ I wanted to be a part of Namaste because I felt like it was an important message that needed to be shared to people who feel like the tough times won’t get better. And to show people another way of looking at life. Because at the end of the day the rain will always clear up” – Domani Harris

Lavatory Records

“Working with Domani and Visto is a blessing in itself, they and I have a message of peace and love and self worth to share. The world needs it right now. The three of us have formed a very special bond based on Namaste.” – Emmaline.

Lavatory Records

Enjoy the vibes of Namaste and don’t forget to check out our interview with the budding Australian-born and now Atlanta-based songstress, Emmaline.

Bars Over Bridges by SLAP Battles : Main Event Lineup

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If you are in the Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) area, please don’t forget that August 14th is the SLAP Battles card called Bars Over Bridges.

  • Main Event Music: MC Jin
  • 3PFD vs Matt Tisdale (Joy vs Depression)
  • Omega Sparx vs Kambino (Fatherhood vs Deadbeat Dad)
  • Pop vs Kaleb Starr (Forgiveness vs Revenge)
  • Zach Is Nobody vs Cutright (Loyalty vs Disloyalty)
  • Music performances by: Church B Azariah Jones aka Z MOT

Events starts at 7PM and get your tickets online. Check the Bars Over Bridges for all information.

The Roy Vogt’s Thunder Row – July 9-11

To find out more about the niche event that showcases Bass Guitar leads, then click here to read the Roy Vogt Presents 5th Annual Thunder Row Bass Invitational at Summer NAMM article by Bass Musician Magazine.  It will be held in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) on the 9-11 July 2015.
Our recent interviewee (month of May) Vuyani Wakaba & Friends, will have the honor of performing at this year’s Summer Namm (National Association of Music Manufacturers) bass showcase. Vuyani’s bands mates are: Dennis Sindberg on tenor saxophone,  alto saxophone and flute. Dana Goodman on drums. Chris Edwards on percussion, Scott Evans on guitar and Yaw Prah on keyboards.

Mr Vuyani Wakaba

“My band is performing on the evening of July 9th at a venue called Douglas’ Corner.  I will be bringing a band from Chicago to play arrangements of songs I have always liked.  The other bands will be led by nationally known bassists.  The audience will be made up of musicians, music equipment manufacturing reps, and other industry insiders.” -Vuyani Wakaba

Check out the Roy Vogt’s 5th Annual Event Thunder Row Bass Invitational page for more details on Facebook.