Vendors & Suppliers Partnering

In the realm of recording and performance arts integration with Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry such as luxury items, clothes, shoes, perfumes, tech products, beverages and snacks, is a commonality.

Brand leveraging can be further enhanced through endorsement and educating potential buyers, to help suppliers penetrate certain markets.  This is why long term tenured agreements with wholesale suppliers on products being supplied, is created to ascertain value from utilising the Lavatory Records platform to brand expansion, market growth and revenue growth. This is dedication to establishment of  an “economy of scale” for vendors and suppliers, through value creation of advertising expenditure.

Lavatory Records doesn’t look to sell advertising space – we create value first then enter into engagements thereafter. Though we have invited FMCG organisations to partner us, we are open to any other industries such as professional services, non-profit organisations, technology solutions etc.

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